Canadian colours demand to be photographed

Fall family session 2016 - Centennial Park DDO

It's that time of year again! My favourite time to get outside with my camera. Sometimes I think we take this season for granted. At least I know that I once did. It was only when I was living abroad that it hit me; the beauty of it all.

I mean, as a kid, I loved to take rides out to visit my grandparents in the Laurentians to see the leaves changing colours. I remember a desperate desire to sit a paint the gorgeous landscape that stretched out just in front of their home in Grey Valley (unfortunately, I am not now nor ever have I been a painter). But as I got older, it was easier to let my busy 9-5 life take over and not set time aside to take it all in. It was only while living abroad in Switzerland that I realised just how stunning the Canadian landscapes are at this time of year. The leaves sort of 'change' in the Jura mountains come October each year, but mainly to burnt orange/brownish tints with the occasional red or yellow. Nothing like here.

So, as the time fast approaches, I am feeling a strong urge to get out there with my Canon and capture every vibrant hue before the trees shed their leaves in preparation for the winter. I hope that some equally vibrant families will join me for my Fall Family Mini Sessions taking place at various locations on and off the island of Montreal!

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